19 January 2012


We got a little snow yesterday. Every snow day in Victoria is Snowmageddon, or alternatively, SNOW MY GOD! Because we are not equipped to deal with it. Not enough plows, not enough sanders, and worst of all, not enough room. That is, the roads here are very narrow. Not Europe narrow, but they're certainly a hell of a lot narrower than in Regina or Edmonton. So when we get one of these babies, plows can't even get down some streets because of the cars parked on them.

Anyway, I'm not bitching. It's easier to send the kids out to play in the snow than it is in the rain. And I live close enough to walk to a grocery store, so I'm set. I do rather feel sorry for the people who live up in the hills with the glorious views of the city who can't get down their roads. Oh, no wait. I don't. HAHAHAHA.
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