08 February 2012


The flights are booked except for the one from Victoria to Seattle. That one looks to be as much as the one from Seattle to Albany! INSANE. So I'm holding out for a seat-sale.

Applied for my passport today. Pics look like a mug shot, but when they don't let you smile, that's what happens.

So, now I need to book a car and a hotel room for the last night (after the course, but before the flight), and all the travel plans are set.

I'm SO excited.

Crackle said "Water" yesterday. And "Nana" (for banana) today. This is HUGE. And that's just from me working the Son-Rise principles on my own. I have so much hope for this course.

On another note, I'm trying to generate rage for the political shitstorm this morning with an NDP MP getting booted for having her baby with her. Failing. Mostly because it's just par for the course with those bastards. Fetus? More rights than the woman. +3 months? Not even allowed to be with his mother when she's in the House. Not for even a few minutes when Dad went to take a leak and they were called back in suddenly. Give. Me. A. Break. And people wonder why there aren't many women in politics.