03 February 2012

You people rock

Almost $100 has come into my Paypal account from people I've never met. Two of them people I've never even heard of. You people are awesome. Thank you. And more people have emailed to ask for an address. You people are also awesome. May whichever God you believe in bless you. And if you're atheist, may you experience a run of luck that almost (or actually!) makes you believe in God. :D

This is extra awesome this week because my washing machine and my water heater need work. EESH.

In kid news, Pop is hilarious. He's utterly addicted to In the Night Garden, which has to be the trippiest show since Teletubbies. He pretty much plays trains and watches In the Night Garden all day. Or he watches the worst Thomas the Tank Engine videos EVER on YouTube. Like home videos of other kids playing with their trains. It's painfully hilarious.

Crackle kissed me yesterday. I cannot tell you how much that means to me. He's almost 6 and he's never once kissed me. Also, he was having a total meltdown about something, I forget what, and I said, "Do you want a hug, sweetpea?" and he flew at me and held on for dear life. That has also never happened. I feel like we are so close to a breakthrough with him, I can almost taste it.

Snap? *sigh* She's almost 17 and has teenage attitude multiplied by Asperger Syndrome. It's painful. She's smart, but hasn't a hell of a lot of common sense. She'd rather fight with me for an hour than do the 7 minutes of work I've asked her to do. I love her with all my heart. And it gets broken so regularly.