03 March 2012

Happy Birthday Pop!

My darling baby, my littlest man, is 3 years old today. His response to people telling him "Happy Birthday" is an age appropriate, "NO!"

He's an amazing little kid. He loves Thomas the Tank Engine, In the Night Garden (which is like Teletubbies on mushrooms, and yes, I'm aware that Teletubbies was already pretty much someone's opium dream), pretty much anything on Treehouse. He likes Spiderman, but is utterly terrified of Care Bears (NO! NO Caer Beaw. Tun ot T! (translation: No, no Care Bears. Turn off the TV). He's also afraid of bugs. So much so that he made me take him out of the tub because he was pretty sure that the black fuzz in the tub (which was sock lint from his toes) was bugs. Took quite some time to get him back in there. He's an ace on the trampoline, "BUM DWOP!" and with the BlackBerry Playbook, "Pwaybook? Pwee." He can navigate his way around on the Playbook and iPad so well, it still amazes me. He's talking up a storm and just started using pronouns this week. Favorite? "MINE". He loves to play "chate", which is his word for "chase". He subs a d or t for s, f, z and v, or just drops the sound entirely. He knows all the letters and numbers and can count to about 13. He knows a lot after that, but mixes up the order. He's pretty happy, and best of all, is when I ask him, "Do you want to _______?" if the answer is yes, he says, "*GASP* YEAH!" like I've just come up with the best idea EVER. Another thing I love: When his recording on the TV ends, he looks at the TV and says, "What heck?" And when he looks outside and it's raining, he says, "Oh crap! WAIN!"

This morning, we gave him a little present. It's a Thomas the Tank Engine game with the alphabet. He played about 2 minutes and then said, "Anudda pwet?" LOL. I said, "Not now, but more later!" "Okay!" Then I made pancakes for lunch and took him and Crackle to the playground until he tired out. Then we stopped to get ice cream (soy, of course) and some potato chips, and came home. He ate his ice cream (Wait for cake? Hell no!) and then zonked out. He's sleeping now. Later, more presents, cake, and hopefully something for supper he likes. He's a pretty picky eater.

Happy Birthday Baby. I love you.