31 May 2012

Wherein I get sick defending a conservative

Seriously, people. Are you going to make me defend Christy Clark again? Seriously?

Richard Branson is an epic douchecanoe. His public comments toward her, with accompanying pictures, are nothing short of sexual harassment.

Her comments have been right on. She made a couple of smart-assed cracks about it. Didn't let on she was pissed off about it, and didn't get her panties all in a twist about it. She's a woman and therefore she takes sexist  crap regularly. For example, there was the prissy dickwipe who complained about her cleavage (which was, like her, quite conservative). Is it any wonder that women don't run for office as much as men?

So glad I don't have a Virgin Mobile phone, right now.

Now look. I don't like Clark. I don't like her politics. I don't like what she did to the BCTF. I don't like what she did to the Ministry of Children and Families. And I don't like what she did with the minimum wage. But dammit, those are criticisms based on what she's done and they'd be no different if she had a Y chromosome.

So KNOCK IT OFF. You aren't helping.