20 June 2012

Screw the poor!

So Jason Kenney says that the people who contact his office are happy about the cuts to refugee health care. Well, not all of them. I called today. The gist of our conversation - NOT verbatim:

Dude on the phone: BIG LONG SPIEL about whose office I was having the privilege of calling.
Me: Yeah hi. I was just hearing Jason Kenney [no titles] saying that the people who contact his office are pleased about health care cuts for refugees, and I thought that obviously people like me who feel differently aren't calling, so here I am, calling to tell you that I'm not happy with the cuts.
Dude on the phone: Well, let me clear up something. These cuts mean that refugees will be entitled to the same care that ordinary Canadian taxpayers have.
Me: Uh, I heard that they'll be getting far less and...
Dude on the phone, interrupting me: No, they'll be entitled to the same care as any Canadian taxpayer in their province instead of more. They were getting more benefits before this change than any Canadian taxpayer.
Me: But I was okay with that. I mean, these are people who've had nothing. They haven't had the opportunities to provide for themselves in the same way as I have. I mean, they come from horrible situations with nothing, nothing and I think as Canadians we should take care of them until they have the privilege of paying taxes too.
Dude on the phone, suddenly not nearly as pleasant: I see. Thanks for calling then.

That dude was all over "Canadian taxpayer" like I was going to think, "YEAH FUCKERS! Don't let those rape victims and genocide survivors get away with this shit! I pay taxes FOR ME, not those people who are trying to milk the system. Send 'em back to hell to be tortured!" But I'm not from Alberta, so I have a soul. (That was a dig at someone in particular, and no, I didn't mean it. Relax and have a Pilsner.)

Yes, some people are scamming the system. I don't care. I simply do not care.

And you know those benefits that they were extending to refugees? Unimportant things like insulin and penicillin and basic dental care. I think those should be covered for everyone.

Anyway, if you're inclined to disagree with these cuts too, make your voice heard. Call Jason Kenney's office or email him and let him know that! jason.kenney@parl.gc.ca 613-992-2235