25 June 2012

What I've been doing

ARGH! I posted this from Picasa, and my whole post disappeared! NOOOO! And I'd written about 300 words to go along with it. 

Short version: Life is keeping me busy. I'm spending most of my time with my kids, in my gardens, and sweeping my floor.

These little birds were having a drink of water off my cauliflower leaves. One of them was dazed and hurt, and the others stayed with her until she could fly again. It was lovely. I wish humans did that for each other more often. Not that we're beasts, but there are too many horror stories.

Snap's done school for the year. She got 49.18% in math. We're hoping they bump that up to 50% because damn it's frustrating trying to get her through math. She's got a boyfriend. I haven't met him yet, but I've checked out his FB. Hehe.

Crackle is doing well. He's saying "Mama" lots! And he's happy, smiley, and much more trusting. He's still rather shrieky though. I find that difficult.

Pop is learning a zillion new things a day. He's a lovely child. Very empathetic and very curious. He also figured out the mouse, and is spending lots of time learning stuff on www.pbskids.org He likes the Curious George flash games the best. This has added to my 'not online' time. :)

My Mom still needs a new kidney. I'm still waiting for one of the pro-life crew who thinks that women should give up the rights to their own body for the life of another to step up and offer her a kidney. Any time, now, right?

I'm reading a great book. Kaleidoscope by Gail Bowen. Very well written. She does a great job of her descriptions of Regina. Very true to life.

So.. that was the short version. Damn it. Lesson learned. :)