26 July 2012

Dear Fellow Lefties, What Gives?

Dear Fellow Lefties,

What is our problem with Nazanin Afshin-Jam? Is it that she was a beauty queen? Is it that she married Peter MacKay? Because I'm not really having a problem with her "Bring Omar Khadr home" activism. Oh, I know, she's said things like he should come home to be tried here (trial? Really?), but she's the wife of the Minister of Defense. The fact that's she's saying anything contrary to current public policy is kind of awesome.

So I'm having to take issue with you, comrades. She is a human rights activist. The fact that she took issue with being erased by being referred to as "MacKay's wife" only shows that she's able to be offended by sexist claptrap and speak up against it. At least when it's lobbed at her. I couldn't speak to how she reacts to other women being subject to it.

It is not okay to define a woman by her husband. Even if she's married to a colossal waste of vinegar and water that is Peter MacKay. My best friend is married to a fucknuts who is so blasted disgusting that he should run for mayor of Toronto. Doesn't mean there's anything wrong with my friend other than she doesn't seem able gtfo.

And just because the right is awesome at lobbing sexism our way, doesn't make it right for us to send it back. In fact, it is more wrong. They're assholes. This makes us hypocritical assholes.

So, unless there is some point I am missing, and that may be the case, knock it the fuck off.

With puzzlement,

p.s. When I attempted to point this out on Twitter this morning, some asshole condescendingly told me I was missing the point, refused to point out what the point was, and then called me prickly. Mind you, that was after I pointed out that one doesn't need an apostrophe in "wants". :)