19 February 2013

Who says feminists are humourless?

My inlaws are in town. This is Tony's parents, his two sisters, one sister's husband, the other sister's two kids, and two of Tony's aunts and uncles. It was his parents' 40th anniversary on Sunday, so I rented the church hall and cooked a meal for everyone. It turned out fabulously! Woo! I rock.

A little snippet of a conversation I heard:
Great Uncle to Snap: So, you're almost done school. What are you going to do next?
Snap: Women's Studies.
Me: *trying not to smile*
Great Uncle, smiling expectantly: Haha. What's the punchline?
Snap, not understanding what he means: Huh?
Great Uncle: Wait? Seriously?
Snap: Yeah...
Grandpa: Couldn't you study men?
Snap: That's called History.

HA! Go Snap!

Tony's family is pretty conservative. Great Uncle thinks Idle No More is "the greatest scam ever" and asked me how to say, "Get back to work" in Cree. Instead, I taught him how to say, "I'll see you tomorrow" which I figured might sound encouraging to anyone he yelled it at. I'm not fluent, so I couldn't come up with anything better on the spot. :) He's not all asshole though. I mean, he was the only man there who offered to help in the kitchen, and the only man to thank me for all the work and food. Makes it hard to hate the guy.