03 April 2013

Adventures in Autism

Today in Autism Awareness, Mommy nearly lost her mind. Crackle was so loud today. OMG. The shrieking. The random, ear-piercing shrieks that literally make my eardrums throb. And for reasons I can't begin to fathom, other than God hates me, Pop picked today to get extra sound-sensitive. As in, even before Crackle was screaming, I took Pop out to the garden store to get seeds. We got about 10 minutes into the 25 minute walk, and he started to cry that the cars were making too much noise. So I carried him back home, and we got into the car instead. He's been whiny and miserable. Snap has been utterly miserable because she needs to get blood work, and has been taking it out on me. She has an interview for a work study program tomorrow, so I hope she smartens up and doesn't rip their heads off if they ask her something she deems rude, like why she wants the job. Crackle pooped in the backyard. I guess he figures if the dog can do it, so can he. Ugh. So gross. He's shrieking and running and jumping and getting into everything. He's like a toddler on coffee and chocolate, except he's 7 and big and smart.

And to top it all off, I am hungover today, because apparently Flexeril is the one and only drug (to date) that works TOO well for me (I took half a dose). My neck is so sore and seized up. I have myoclonus and dystonia, and for some reason it doesn't respond to alcohol the way it is supposed to. I'm just not coping as well as I'd like.