30 July 2013

Follow Tuesday?

One of the blogs I follow does #followtuesday. They post the funniest search terms that have brought people to their blog. Now, my blog doesn't get the hits they do, so this won't be a regular feature here. Hell, blogging isn't a regular feature here right now because OMGWTFBBQAUTISM, but I thought I'd amuse you all with some of the terms that bring people to my blog.

1) Encrypted. Uh, okay. So most of the people who find my blog are so worried about their search terms they encrypt them. Good to know.
2) Drug receipt. Sure. You can get a receipt for drugs. Just ask your dealer. I'm sure he won't mind.
3) Fuck the poor. Good idea. They could use the pleasure.
4) Autism United Church of Canada. Okay, so this is the single weirdest combination I've seen. And yet, I see how it got to my blog.
5) Autism usless. Usless? Um, ouch.
6) Bubbleguppies have sex. I'm sure they do. How else would there be baby bubbleguppies. Also, wtf is wrong with you?
6) feminist "humiliate him"  This is not the site you're looking for. No Jedi handwave needed.

Yeah. Most of the rest are variations of the same. Except for the Bubbleguppies thing. That was on its own.