08 August 2013

Religion, politics and feminism in the news

Religion, politics and feminism are intersecting in the news again, so what's a Christian, socialist, feminist to do but blog about it? :)

First off, right-wing Catholics are pissed at Pope Francis. To that, I quote Nelson Muntz:

The gist is, "Waaaa! He wants to be nice to people!" I honestly do not understand how they call themselves Christian but are mad that he wants to focus on fixing poverty.

source: all over facebook, but the original is here
Oh, right. Hypocrisy. Like how whenever anyone complained about Benny the Rat... errr, I mean Pope Benedict, it was, "Well, he's the Pope, so shut up" but now they're all up in his infallibility. Pfft. That reminds me, they really really don't understand about the infallibility of the Pope. According to the doctrine, he's only infallible if speaking in a very specific way. Not all the time. And yet, that's how the idiots think.

I like Francis. He's not perfect (duh), and he still isn't onboard with women in the priesthood, but the way that he upbraided the press for asking about gays in the priesthood, saying that that's a matter of sin, not a matter of law and why weren't they asking about the abuse issues? *applause* And "Who am I to judge?" BEAUTIFUL.

And then there's Baird (ugh), REAL Women (ugh) and The GAY!OMG!BBQ! So really this boils down to self-proclaimed real women having their panties in a twist because someone they don't approve of is being treated as human. Listen up, Ladies, you don't have the right to be a member of the privileged class. Real Christians want human rights for all, because that's pretty much the definition of loving thy neighbour.. So Landolt, the horrible VP of REAL says (via CTV News),
"Just who does John Baird think he is?" asks Landolt while accusing Baird of using taxpayers' money to "promote his own personal agenda and endeavouring to set standards of the laws of foreign countries."
Landolt says while Baird argues that "homosexual rights are a `Canadian value,' this applies only to himself and his fellow activists and the left-wing elitists."
She adds that these are "not conservative values and that of grass roots Canadians."
Oh bless your heart. Just who does he think he is? Um, he thinks he's the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He's exactly there to try to set the standards of the laws of foreign country. Does anyone think for a second Landolt would be screaming if Baird were trying to stop Sharia law in some country or other? No. And you know what, Landolt dear? Homosexual rights? They're human rights. These are people. Hate is not a Canadian value. And you know what? I dislike you just a little more because I hate that you've made me defend Baird