20 May 2014

Sexist, ableist, AND ignorant? Must be a doctor!

I'm not sure how it can be that I can be so surprised by the dumb shit that people say about Autism, but here we are. Dough Ford, full of shit, saying his heart (like he has one!) goes out to autistic kids, but he didn't know they'd be let out of their home when he was okay with them having one. Bwuh? So he was okay with a group home when he thought it was a prison? He's upset at how many times the cops have had to come. Well, first of all, I suggest he look at how many times the cops have been called to his brother's home. Shall we shut it down too? Second, maybe think that it is Conservative policies that have gotten them into that situation in the first fucking place. Third, where exactly does this asshole think that autistic adults are supposed to live?

I'm really tired of the misinformation, the stereotypes, the condescension, etc. Just today, I had Snap to a clinic (no family doctor. Another post...) to get a refill for her thyroid and adhd meds. Well, Dr. Genius was a condescending douchebug. As soon as I said she has autism, he started talking more slowly to her, and when she said she was going to college, he asked her if she was going to take a trade, like baking or gardening. Ableist and sexist, all rolled into one! Add in that Dr. Genius knew way less about Celiac than I do (seriously, he told me that ttg levels would be raised even on a gluten-free diet. When I explained that he was wrong, because the celiac body produces those antibodies when gluten is consumed, but no other times and therefore could not be elevated if the person is gluten free, he said, "Then how do you diagnose Celiac?" UH! DUH!  By having the patient eat gluten and then test!) He also told us that Snap is too young to have Hashimoto's. She's not. And my favourite: even though I kept referring to the pediatrician we've been seeing as 'she', he kept correcting it to 'he'. I'm sure Dr. Heather X would be pleased.