30 December 2010

It's the most horrible time of the year...

I love Christmas. I *hate* New Year's Blahblahblah. It's stupid, because I love Mondays (and Saturdays) because of the new week, new weekend, newness of it all. But I hate the New Year because of the stupid media pushing me to lose weight. And to make New Years resolutions. Bleh!

Here's the thing about the weight loss industry: It's an industry. The more we fail, the more money they make. It is designed to fail. And guess what? IT FAILS. It's fails like Tucker Carlson trying to play the pulling oneself up by the bootstraps card (Google: Tucker Carlson. Swanson Foods empire). It fails like Stephen Harper pretending that kittens are for petting and not eating. It fails like Sarah Palin's feminism. And the big kick in the teeth about it is the people who love to remind those who fail that they are dupes of hype.

See, it's bad enough (for these festering puswipes) that people are fat. EW! The FATTIES... People will call them gross. Or worse. Because of what? I dunno. But then, when they've tried the diets, tried the exercise and it doesn't work, and they're desperate enough to try Slim Fast or Jenny Craig or whatever, some shithead will start on about how stupid they are for trying, because clearly just "putting down the doughnut"* and "getting off your fat ass"* will work.

Yeah yeah, diet and exercise. I'm sure it works for some people. Not for everyone. I'm sick of hearing it. And now it's New Years Eve (almost), and the ads are out in full force reminding everyone above size 10 that society thinks we're grotesque. And stupid. Because you know, in all the time when I gave a shit about being overweight, it never occurred to me to eat less and exercise! How could that possibly have escaped me? Duh.

Oh, and oddly enough, I'm down 10 lbs. I say oddly enough because the careful reader will remember I fell down the stairs and broke my foot 5 weeks ago and have been able to do absolutely no exercise. Rather, I'm sitting on my ass watching TV and crocheting all day. And somehow I've lost weight. Most of it off that fat ass I'm sitting on. It's bizarre.

So that gives me an idea! "Are you fat? Are you sick of exercising? Try my new weight loss plan! It's like no other you've heard of. The initial phase is a bit of an adjustment, but you'll love the side effects. It's only $49.95 (you supply your own staircase, reclining chair, crutches and wheelchair) per week! Cash upfront. It worked for me! It's sure to work for you!"

*Direct quotes from comment sections on a cbc.ca article about a recalled weight loss drug.

24 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve and tonight I will celebrate the birth of a child who wanted to save the world by teaching us to be decent people. May God's blessings to you be like zucchini in autumn - so abundant you can't help but share.

17 December 2010

But Hitler was a vegetarian!

Ya know, if Julian Assange is a rapist, that doesn't mean that Wikileaks is suspect or somehow less important. I can admire the man for giving whistleblowers an outlet and despise him for being a rapist (*if* he is. Innocent until proven guilty). It's like being able to like Roman Polanski's movies, and still thinking he's a blistering asshole.

Here's the thing I've been saying to anyone who'll listen: They wouldn't have charged him if not for wikileaks, but that doesn't mean he didn't do it. If he's guilty and they prove it, even for the wrong reasons, then the outcome is still the right one.

Also, see Kate Harding. She's awesome.

16 December 2010

Merry Christmasolistichanukkwanzaa!

I've been meaning to say something about the Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays thing. Now I don't need to. The Fokker has said it best.

In other news, everything is still good here. I'm still off my foot for another three weeks. Then walking in the cast. I've hired a nanny. The govt is paying for some of that because Crackle qualifies for respite care dollars. And the amazing people at my church have sent me enough money to pay her for two weeks. I'm quite overwhelmed by their generosity. (Someone a little cynical told me it's better to be hurt at Christmas than in June. Hahaha. Maybe.)

04 December 2010

Find that article!

Some time back, I read a really interesting piece that showed concrete evidence of right-wing bias in the Canadian media, even CBC. I suspect it was either on a ProgBlog or a LibBlog, or maybe a guest piece on cbc.ca

Since I'm currently arguing with an in-law about media bias, I'd like to have a decently written article to point her at. Ideas?

03 December 2010

Ride a mile on my wheels?

I've been a gimp before. Many years ago I was classed as permanently disabled. I had chronic pain and inflammation. I had doctors willing to give me fentanyl patches for pain. It was Not Good. I walked with canes or used a wheelchair, and couldn't do much for myself. Snap knew that if she wanted a hug, she had to climb up on a chair first, because Mama wasn't bending down. As it turned out, it was severe reactions to gluten and dairy. Mostly gluten. Once I got it out of my diet, I was much better. I still have some issues. If I eat food that is even processed on the same line as food with gluten in it, I get all the pain and fatigue back.

Anyway, that's the backstory. I know the feeling of being disabled and thinking it will never go away. Now, I am temporarily disabled. I know that in a few weeks (5!) I'll be able to put my foot down again. I'll be able to get into the bathtub myself, drive, look after the kids, etc. And it's reminding me how much it sucks, and how hard people with permanent disabilities have it. The dependence alone is infuriating. But the way other people treat them is incredible.

When I walked with the help of canes, I regularly had people tell me I was too young to need canes. This was really a passive way of asking why I needed them. Depending on my mood, I'd say anything ranging from "And you're too old to be so ignorant" to "Pain doesn't age discriminate" to "I KNOW! It totally sucks!" I almost never was offered a seat. And the pitying looks were really annoying. When I used a wheelchair, I found that people either failed to notice me entirely and talked to my husband instead of me, or they treated me like I was too stupid to walk rather than too infirm. These people touched me, pushed my chair without asking, used baby talk, etc.

Now that I'm using the chair again, I'm getting the same thing, except for one thing: they can see the cast on my foot, and so when they give me the look, they get the look of understanding in their eyes.

I'm not exactly complaining here, btw. Just pointing out what my experience has been. And that I'm getting a reminder of it now. So I'm making a set of rules:

1) Look at pwc (people with chairs) the same as you look at everyone else. No cloying smiles, pitying frowns, judgmental mutters about crutches.
2) NEVER touch someone's chair without asking.
3) If you see someone struggling, it is okay to ask if they need help.
4) Take no for an answer. Don't be a dick.
      "Need some help?" "No thanks." "Okay!" = YES.
      "Need some help?" "No thanks" "Oh sure, just let me... *grab chair and push* = NO!
      "Need some help?" "No thanks" "FINE! I WAS JUST TRYING TO HELP! You know, being in a chair doesn't give you the right to be an asshole!" = OH HALE NO!
5) Clear a path. Chairs don't maneuver like feet. (read: Get out of the fucking way and don't be a douche about it)

I'm sure there's plenty I've missed. I'm not a full-time chair user. I'm not permanently disabled. And I don't claim to have an inside look at what that's like. I only know what I've experienced.

If you're so inclined, use a chair for a few days. Go shopping in it. See how people treat you.

02 December 2010

A different kind of rat race...

The Liberal leadership race in BC is amusing to me. Mostly because I can't stand a single one of them. I'm not "cheering" for anyone at this point, but I do hope that Kevin Falcon doesn't win. A well-timed lightning strike from above would be nice. He's arrogant and short-sighted. The worst combination in a politician. As Minister of  Health, he gave NDs in BC the ability to write prescriptions (good thing), but didn't give them MSP billing numbers for lab tests. So, they can prescribe thyroid meds, but can't have your blood tested for thyroid function. They can prescribe meds that might screw up your liver function, but can't have your liver enzymes tested. It makes sense, if you're a short-sighted asshole. Prescribing doesn't cost the gov't much, and it makes Big Pharma a good chunk of cash. Testing costs the government. So it's win/win for the government's coffers. But it's EPIC FAIL for them when the shit that the ND prescribes winds you up in the hospital, or running to the MD for bloodwork. And what if you can't find an MD? There's a major shortage. If I were an MD, I think I'd team up with an ND and work out a system of writing lab reqs for the ND and billing MSP for it and send a kickback to the ND!

More on the other rats when I get a chance.