27 April 2011

You're disgusting - here's a present

Dear Corporate Shills,
Thank you ever so much for the free samples of Go 4 Trim weight-loss product. I really appreciate the reminder that no matter how thin one might be, it's always good to be thinner. I so much appreciate the thought that I am truly disgusting in the eyes of society and should fill my body full of toxic products in order to get rid of large chunks of my disgusting self. It's really wonderful that you instill that sense of 'never good enough' into a person so that companies can continue to make money off our insecurity. I've never bought a weight loss product from you, so I'm sure that's how you knew I needed one. I'll be sure to buy LOTS more products from you, now that I know you have only my best interests at heart.

Seriously pissed off. What if someone with an eating disorder had opened that box? Hell, it triggered me to be ragey and upset. What would it do to someone with a history of seriously disordered eating? (My eating is only minorly disordered)