13 January 2013


I've been hearing a lot of good things about MMS lately. Miracle Mineral Solution. It's supposed to be this amazing cure for all that ails you, up to and including cancer, AIDS, and autism. Now, believe it or not, I've heard this shit before and I'm skeptical. But normally, my thought is, if it doesn't hurt, let parents have their hope. But this is not a case of "if it doesn't hurt". MMS is poison.

MMS is sodium chlorite. It's industrial bleach. But as people who use it love to point out, it's mixed with citric acid before use, and that changes its chemical composition to chlorine dioxide. Also bleach. Why? Why in the hell? Right? Here's what they're telling people: MMS oxidizes toxins and destroys them, when the body can't do it itself. Okay... even if that worked and I don't have a clue if it does, wouldn't it also oxidize the hell out of everything else? Oxidation causes the formation of free radicals, which contribute to cancer. How is this not dangerous? I'm forever taking antioxidants and eating foods rich in antioxidants (phenols, actually, but that's another post). So why in the hell would I want to oxidize? Oh sure, if you could target just the toxins, maybe.

There are two main people shilling this shit: Jim Humble (who calls himself an archbishop of the "church" he founded) and Kerri Rivera. Humble appears to be batshit insane, but Rivera? She talks a good talk. I'm sure she completely believes what she's saying.

It's not just me saying it's not safe. CBC had an article about it last year. Health Canada put out a warning about it almost 3 years ago, when it was being sold as a water purification system. The grumpy fucks at ScienceBlogs* posted about it. And still, people are clinging to MMS as a miracle cure.

It's all about hope, of course. And that's why Rivera and Humble make me so mad. They're selling poison and profiting off of desperation. The fact that they believe in it only slightly mitigates it.

Speaking of profit, these are Canadian websites that still sell this:

• Subtle Energy Therapy (Approved supplier)
Website: health4allinfo.ca
MMS1, MMS2, Transdermal Magnesium,
Aura TherapyPatches
• MMS Supplier in British Columbia (Unapproved supplier)
Website: MMSSupplier.com
• Positive Options (Unapproved supplier)
Contact - Deana Whitely, D.MMS
Email: davendeana2@gmail.com
• MMS Alberta (Unapproved supplier)
Contact phone: 403-505-4976
• The MMS Store (Approved supplier)
Website: BuyMMS.biz
Email: info@buymms.biz

If y'all would like to report them to Health Canada, that'd be awesome.

*Sorry, they make me mad. Some of us are just as angry at Thorson, the felon who embezzled from CDC studies on vaccination and how the media doesn't have anything to say about it as we are at Wakefield, the asshole who can't write a proper study. Oh, and btw, do read his paper. The one that got everything into an uproar. He concluded that it appeared that there was some sort of link between gut measles, vaccination, and autism, but that no causal link could be found and more research was necessary.