19 July 2013

Not asking for money. Promise.

I'm fundraising. And as generous as you all were the last two times, I'm not asking for donations this time (I mean, feel free, but I'm not asking... :)) What I'm doing is offering my service as an amateur genealogist. I love to research family trees and I have access to worldwide records via Ancestry.ca. I will research your family or anyone else's.

I'm quite good at this, and quite thorough. My friend Grace knew only her father's name and date of birth. No other family members. I found his sisters, his parents, his grandparents and his great-grandparents names for her. I found a birth record for him, census records showing all them together and where they lived, and I found his parents marriage record. In my own tree, I traced my grandmother's family back to 1534 in Yorkshire. And on my husband's side, I have an almost complete tree for his Grandfather (and it is SO cool!). Of course, his is all Quebecois and God BLESS those people for their records.

I'll do it by donation, and I'll give you your money back if I find nothing. Suggested donation - $15/hr. Same as I pay the boys' SEAs. You tell me how many hours you want me to work on it.  I cannot access anything for anyone who is living and records are best for people who were born before 1914. Canada, US & England have excellent records. Ireland is shit. Germany and France are hit and miss because the wars destroyed a lot.

Who's game? Email me. luna [shift2/at sign] headingwest dot The1st2lettersofCAnada

Here's why I'm doing this: My car broke down. My dog needs expensive vet procedures. I just had to pay TWENTY THOUSAND dollars to my strata for repairs to the building. I paid for a trip to California (before all that shit came down) for Snap for her graduation. Crackle's meds and supplements aren't particularly cheap and just went up again. And I still need to find the money to get back to the Option Institute for the third (and final!) course in Son-Rise in October (and I *could* postpone that if I hadn't have bought the airfare one way because I hit a killer seat sale).