28 January 2014


I find it remarkably ironic that whiny asshole cons are complaining that no one should get home delivery by Canada Post if people in rural areas don't. If they don't get it, no one should! Because everything should be equal. But socialism is EVUL...

Maybe that's why they're opposed to abortions for women. Because it gives us power they don't have.

Someone want to explain to me another reason why I can't buy RU486 in Canada, even though it's been legal since 1989 in Europe? It's not expensive. It's not socialized medicine. And it's certainly not about the babies, because Cons do not give the first shit about children. They cut funding to childcare the second they got into office. It's about power. It's about control.

Oh sure, there are some dupes. Some idiots who really believe it's about the babies. They're the useful idiots. The true believers. I've got a couple of them in my extended family (one of them has even talked someone out of two abortions, and adopted her babies). She'd take in a lot of foster kids too, if she were allowed to hit them. Not kidding. You have to sign something saying you won't spank a foster kid, and she thinks it's her god-given right to do so, so she won't. Yeah. Quality. Anyway, she and her ilk well and truly believe it's about life. And they're so wrong.

If it were about life, there'd be support for pregnant women, midwife care for all. If it were about life, there'd be maternity leave for all. There's only mat leave if you've worked enough hours to qualify for EI, and then it only pays 55% of your wage. That's not enough for most women. It's not ANY for some women. Like me when I had Pop. I didn't qualify for EI because I only worked 12 hours per week. Even though I'd worked there for several years, it wasn't enough to get a single cent. So I worked until the day I had him, and went back after 6 weeks, using my sick leave (and talking them into giving me the previous year's unused sick leave) to get those days. If it were about life, there would be a guaranteed income for pregnant women and for young families. So the kids could eat properly. So the gestating mother could eat properly. If it were about life, there would be prescription drug coverage for all. There would be dental coverage. There would be comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab, without the shaming. There would be some sort of a fuck given for women in abusive situations. There would be programs to help men who abuse, again, without the shaming.

This is about controlling women. Forcing them to give birth. And there's no better proof than what went on in Florida Texas. Keeping a woman on life support to incubate an fetus that had no hope of living. That's not life. That's control.

And it's ironic. For supporters of the party of CONtrol to believe they're opposed to socialism because it's so controlling is lolsob ironic.

So the CMA is actually trying to have RU486 approved in Canada. Good luck with that. The party of CONtrol will be sure to quash that with lies and bureaucracy. Using the media they own to vilify the women who want it. Because how dare they get to control what happens in their bodies?!

h/t to Dammit Janet