04 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Just like the old year.
I am *so* not doing a year in review. Way too much shit to shovel through. And frankly, I'm a bit depressed these days. Maybe it's the lack of sunlight. Maybe it's politics and the crap I hear in the news. But I'm just not in the mood.

Stephen Harper is made of evil, proroguing parliament so he could avoid scrutiny in allegations of torture, and virtually no one cared. The abuse of women here and around the world makes me so sick I have trouble sleeping. Obama is just another politico - i.e. opportunistic, power-hungry prick (which I knew, but I don't like to be reminded). Assholes like Brit Hume keep shooting their mouth off in such remarkably ignorant ways.

Wii Fit insists on shaming me for being fat every time I play. Which I know - I have three kids, one is under 1 year old. No kidding I have some extra weight. But I'm a gluten-free vegan (save for eggs in baking and granulated sugar). I make ALL of my own food. I run after kids all day. But it insists on measuring my BMI, which is bullshit anyway. In fact, before I could make an avatar for my 3 year old, *he* had to be weighed and measured and then it assumed he had some weight goal. He's THREE YEARS OLD. And he falls square in their idea of normal, but he still had to choose a weight loss or gain goal. I made it say "no change" and I still had to choose a timeline. It's ridiculous. At least it didn't call me obese.

And of course, there are personal issues. I have two kids with autism - that makes things harder than normal, and parenting isn't easy at the best of times. The baby is teething. I have a mother who is in end stage kidney failure, but doesn't qualify for a transplant because the doctors don't know what caused the problem that caused the failure. That is, she has cryoglobulinemia that caused kidney failure. But they don't know what caused the cryoglobulinemia. And near as I can tell, they have given up on trying. Which PISSES ME OFF. I fucking hate doctors with a passion bordering on homicidal. When a friend of mine hooked up with a doctor, I was so put off... Turned out I was right... Unfortunately. I prefer lawyers, if that gives you a clue. Anyway, I digress.

Well, the baby is crying AGAIN. More later.

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Ignorance said...

Voter apathy. Extremely annoying.

Ralph Nader did a pretty funny presidential ad on voter apathy (or actually multiple ones in an interactive video). It's a bit on the long side, though.