09 March 2011

Let's screw over kids with Autism for money, again

Okay, so it has come to my attention that I did not adequately explain the title of my recent post.

What's happened is that on Vancouver Island, Speech Language Pathologists were able to refer children for Autism assessments. In the rest of the province, only MDs could. This was deemed unfair, and they removed the privilege from SLPs. Why is this a money issue? Simple. Because if your doctor won't refer your kid because your doctor is a moron doesn't know a damn thing about Autism except for what s/he learned in the 1 class in med school and is afraid of sending a bad referral, you'll be sent to a Pediatrician who "will know better if this should be done". It takes a minimum of 6 months to get into a Ped's office. This means that a referral process will start a minimum of 6 months later, which means, in cases where Autism is diagnosed, the province will have to cough up a minimum of $11,000 less money for the child's treatment.

It's all about money, and screw those damn kids.


MgS said...

Welcome to life under a neoCon government ... we've been experiencing the same kind of brain-dead mendacity in Alberta for ages.

Luna said...

Oh, so have we. Though not as long as you have in Alberta. This is just another load of it. So frustrating.