22 May 2012

Son-Rise update

It's been a crazy few weeks here in FCS land. But they've been truly fabulous. Since starting Son-Rise, we've been spending a lot of time in the playroom, playing with Crackle. Pop, less so. Poor Pop. But anyway, Crackle has said 4 words. "Bar" twice (granola bar, but Mommy was thinking a trip to the bar wouldn't be a bad thing), "Mama" once, "Potty" once, and "open" once. This is nothing short of a miracle. He hasn't said a single word in years. So if I might thank you all once again for the help getting me to that program... THANK YOU. I'm going back in November to learn how to do more in the playroom to make the program more effective. And to top it off, he's a happy little camper now. He's hugging, snuggling, putting his cheek to my lips and saying 'mwah' so that I'll kiss him. It's truly beautiful. And, he's gotten less destructive and I can leave him in a room by himself while I pee or make coffee without him wrecking up the place.

I've actually not been following the news much. I'm really proud of the students in Quebec for standing up for what is right. I wish Canadians had this kind of enthusiasm for protest other kinds of injustice.