04 April 2013

Adventures in Autism, part 2

Today, my 7 year old pooped in the the bathtub full of water. And he looked at me with more meaningful eye contact than I've ever gotten from him. He spontaneously signed 'sing' at the new volunteer. He's screaming happily at another volunteer now.

My 4 year old told the SEA to get away from him. He also did some really cute things like tell the dog to 'stop sneakin'. And he calls the character from Cars named Francesco Bernoulli "French Cannoli".

And my 18 year old got a work experience job. If she does well for 6 weeks, it'll become a paying job. She also had a bunch of bloodwork and her stress levels are insane. Got the results, and knowing what I know, it'll mean a bunch more bloodwork. Poor kid.

I did 1.5 hours worth of paperwork relating to their funding. And bleached a tub.