15 July 2010

Oh Pamela... So Pam Anderson, spokesperson for PETA, is using her body to draw attention to her cause - i.e. ethical treatment of animals. And the city of Montreal isn't giving them a permit for their billboard.

I'm very ambivalent about this one.

On one hand, it's her body, she's used it for worse, she should be able to use it as she sees fit. On the other hand, the city of Montreal shouldn't be required to put up a billboard they find offensive and sexist.

Is it sexist? Absolutely. And so is a lot of other shit, I'm sure Montreal has no problems with. So is it a problem simply because the meat industry would shit a cow? What if she was selling lingerie? No problem then, I bet.

Censorship? Yeah, sure. But it's not like someone's coming to arrest her for her actions either. She's free to try elsewhere. OTOH, why should she have to?

In short, I dunno. I haven't made up my mind. Give me your thoughts.


shelly said...

You're not talking about the ad with Pam labeled with all the parts of a cow/her, are you? 'Cause I've seen that one. I don't see much offensive about it.

Maybe Montreal thinks it'll insult the carnivores? ;)

(Ironically, I'm not a big PETA fan.)

Luna said...

I am indeed, Shelly. I thought I'd linked to the story, but nope. Anyway, yeah, that's the ad.

I'm vegan, and definitely anti-cruelty, but PETA is a big PITA. (HA! I'm so clever!)

Their sexist ad campaigns irritate me. And the way they go about virtually everything annoys me.