02 July 2010

Canada Day

*note* A day late and a dollar short. Snap had a bad day. And I spent many hours trying to help a technologically clueless friend unlock her iPhone - she bought an unlocked one, and then upgraded the firmware before even making a call, rendering it locked again. Oops. So, without further excuse... yesterday's post:

Well, Happy Canada Day, I guess. Not that I'm celebrating. To celebrate would be like celebrating that we're not the biggest douches on the pharmacy shelf. Still douche, but not the worst. Hardly cause for celebration.

I'm ashamed of Canada this week. For our G20 maternal health care initiative that doesn't protect the lives of women who choose to abort. For the treatment of protesters in Toronto. For the Black Bloc bullshit, and the assholes all over the place who keep defending this crap. For a government that still won't fund schools in the north, but spends money on well, just about everything else, including that billion dollar boondoggle in Toronto. A billion fucking dollars. It's sickening. We have children in poverty, not that we'll know about that in a few years when the census is goneNo more quality stats on poverty, ethnicity, birth rates. We have adults made to feel like criminals for asking for government help when they're too sick to work. We have media who just bald-faced lie in their articles. We have governments that ignore the wishes of the people and just do whatever the fuck they please.

So screw pride. I'm plain old ashamed to be Canadian today.