16 July 2010

A rare personal post

I'm hurt, pissed off, and just seriously sad. I lost my job a couple of weeks ago.
Here's what happened: Crackle's autism interventionist quit, meaning that we had to get a new one. We switched to a new company at the same time because we were disappointed with that one, though we did like the front line people. Anyway, the job was getting hard to manage with the kids, and so I asked for a leave of absence so that I could properly care for my disabled kid.

I got turned down. No. In no uncertain terms, no. It's not fair apparently, for them to have to hold the job until I can come back. Never mind that they had another secretary who was willing to take my hours until then and give them back when I came back. It was also "too long". So what's a reasonable time, I asked. "We didn't discuss that." IOW, fuck off, Luna. So, I quit. Not that I had any options.

Remember where I worked? A church. A church I spent a lot of time with. These were my friends. These people came to my baby shower. They insist they'll miss me. They offered a letter of reference.

It's not like I'd ever heard a complaint about my performance. I worked plenty of unpaid overtime. Hell, I even drove over to the church on Christmas Day to let an AA group in. I did mega hours on the website for free.

I am so hurt. I cannot understand why they did this. I cannot fathom what was going through their minds. It's two weeks later, and I'm still randomly tearing up.


deBeauxOs said...

Although these individuals are christians and likely well-intentioned people, they measured their own needs against yours, and theirs won.

It would have been lovely if they practiced what they preached, and been supportive of a parent tending for a specific time to her children's needs.

Don't despair (although grief is normal, given the circumstances) your generous spirit will bring an even better job when you're ready.

fern hill said...

Luna, I'm so sorry. *hugz*

Luna said...

dBo: Thanks. What I can't understand is what they needed that they couldn't get. I'm truly baffled by that. The other secretary was willing to cover for me until I got back, like I did for her when she went on leave for a year (Cancer. God, that's awful).

fern: Thank you. *hugs* backatcha.