06 September 2010

Jokes about Priests and Little Boys

This was spawned by an offhanded reply to a silly joke about a priest and his lack of a sex life. Someone responded "No more little boys?!" or something like that. It set my teeth on edge. Several reasons:

1) It is *never* appropriate to joke about rape. Never. No, not ever. Not even with prisoners.
2) It totally diminishes the rapes of all the little girls. Like that's somehow not as big an issue. It was, it is, and it's not any more okay to rape a girl than a boy. Or, raping a boy is not worse than raping a girl. Rape is rape.

And to a far lesser extent:
3) Not all priests are rapists. Making that assumption is terrible. No one should be accused of rape if they are not a rapist. This is unacceptable. They are, however, part of the bureaucracy, part of the church who continues to enable rapists, hence "to a far lesser extent".

Shorter me: Rape = not funny.