01 September 2010

sex vs. sex

It seems to me that if the women who had sex in the jail cell had been men, the guards wouldn't have spent a bunch of time watching. They would have burst in and beaten them half to death. Or worse.

Can someone explain that to me? Why is sex between two women such a spectator sport for straight men, but sex between two men is so threatening? (Yes, I'm generalizing. Suck it up. Pun intended.)

Also, you gotta know that for the first few minutes, they had to be saying, "No way! They're not going to... OMG! They are! Holy shit! Dude! Check this out! OMG! They're not going... WOW! They wouldn't really... OMG! Do you think we should break it up? Nah... they're not going to... OMG! DUDE!"


Ignorance said...

Yes, it is such a strong contrast it makes the guards look very silly.

The prejudice seems to come partially from macho culture, people who're "into" that culture are horribly afraid of becoming the love interest of a male homosexual, especially because they associate it with anal sex. That is extreme humiliation in their eyes (and it amongst other forms of coerced sex has often been used as a tool of humiliation by invading armies). Of course quite a lot of this reveals a remarkably hypocritic double standard.

So they extremely revulse male homosexuality, though often claiming they do not have anything against homosexuality "in principle", but that homosexuals should not act "effeminately". [I'm paraphrasing from a Dutch study about young men who attacked homosexuals.] I would guess they do not associate lesbians with that humiliation and therefore would not beat them.

An even stronger contrast is in the US, where there are instanced of prison guards acting in a completely different manner.

I must say I made quite the horrible post. :/

Ignorance said...

This site tells it way better and more elaborate.