18 October 2010

6 months?! 6 MONTHS?!

This is just not right. CBC News - Saskatchewan - Man in Amber Alert case pleads guilty to assault

This useless piece of crap violates a restraining order, beats his ex-girlfriend so badly, he breaks a bone in her face, kidnaps her and their kid, and does 6 months?! He'll be out in 77 days. What the hell?! How can we possibly accept this as a society. The man is dangerous enough that the law tried (and failed) to keep him away from Sentes and the child, but 77 days from now he is free to assault them again?

It's just another example of the law not giving a flaming bag of shit about women or children. Especially in domestic situations. I suspect he'd have done a lot more time if the victims had been random. Why is this okay? Why are family members of douchebags like this less important than the rest of the public? It's not right.

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MaryJane Cannabian said...

Meanwhile, baking pot brownies will get you no less than a mandatory minimum sentence of one year in prison if Conservative Bill S-10 passes.

Priorities, right?