02 December 2010

A different kind of rat race...

The Liberal leadership race in BC is amusing to me. Mostly because I can't stand a single one of them. I'm not "cheering" for anyone at this point, but I do hope that Kevin Falcon doesn't win. A well-timed lightning strike from above would be nice. He's arrogant and short-sighted. The worst combination in a politician. As Minister of  Health, he gave NDs in BC the ability to write prescriptions (good thing), but didn't give them MSP billing numbers for lab tests. So, they can prescribe thyroid meds, but can't have your blood tested for thyroid function. They can prescribe meds that might screw up your liver function, but can't have your liver enzymes tested. It makes sense, if you're a short-sighted asshole. Prescribing doesn't cost the gov't much, and it makes Big Pharma a good chunk of cash. Testing costs the government. So it's win/win for the government's coffers. But it's EPIC FAIL for them when the shit that the ND prescribes winds you up in the hospital, or running to the MD for bloodwork. And what if you can't find an MD? There's a major shortage. If I were an MD, I think I'd team up with an ND and work out a system of writing lab reqs for the ND and billing MSP for it and send a kickback to the ND!

More on the other rats when I get a chance.