04 February 2012

Just a couple of whores, right?

update: I worked it out. $5000 to a billionaire is approximately the same as $10 to me. Literally. I did a "net worth" test and then worked out the percentage.

Bad week for female victims of violence and women everywhere.

CBC reports that forcibly confining a woman so that she frantically calls 911 and then while attempting to escape breaks her ankle results in 1 year probation and a $5000 fine. For a billionaire. Who is not a first time offender.

And the Goldstream Gazette reports that if you assault two sex workers so badly that they feel the need to report it (most do not), you can be released on a mere $10,000 surety. This asshole lives 2 minutes by foot away from me.

Ya know, I'll start believing our society gives a crap about women when they actually go about attempting to protect us from predators.