02 March 2012

After the fact smear campaign? I think not.

So Herr Harper is claiming that the robocalls accusations are an after the fact smear campaign by sore losers. But this was an issue on election day.

This Twitter status warns people of a number calling people telling them that their polling station has changed.

That same day, I tweeted this:

Here's a screen cap of the link, as of today.
 What's interesting is that now there is no mention of Guelph at that link. There certainly was when I posted it, because where else would I have gotten Guelph from? It's not like I randomly pulled that out of my ass on election day. I'm good, but I'm not that good.

One of the radio stations here in Victoria also warned of robocalls, and I'm pretty sure it was mentioned on ChekNews that night. Our radio and news covers Elizabeth May's riding (Saanich Gulf Islands) and it was definitely one of the ridings where calls were made.

So Dear Leader, don't give me any of this crap about it being sore losers. We were complaining before we knew you'