08 March 2012


1) Got a call from the NDP national office looking for money (as I donate monthly, I'm a good target for special fundraisers). Because I'm raising money myself for my trip *points to widget on the right* (and by the way, OMG, you people ROCK. Thank you a million times over. I am going to take so many pictures for you.) I told the nice man that no, I couldn't give any extra, but that I'd promote it on my blog. So here I am. Anyway, they're raising money for the Toronto-Danforth election, because of course, the Cons are playing dirty. So if you're so inclined, drop them a few bucks so we can hold on to Jack's seat. And yes, that will always be Jack's seat. So hush. (And I didn't even like the guy much, so hush even more.)

2) It's International Women's Day. A fairly important one, I'd say, given the recent attempts (and successes) at making women less than people under the law, especially in the US. Feminism is still necessary. We're getting there in some countries, but we're not equal in almost any of them. And rape culture still flourishes.

3) It's also World Kidney Day. Go fill out your donor card if you haven't already. My Mom needs a kidney. I'm not kidding.

4) This Kony thing. Do some research please. In fact, go read what Wil Wheaton posted. Also, a comedian I like (Erica Sigurdson) posted this to Facebook:

This is from my friend Arthur Simeon in response to KONY - Arthur is from Uganda -
Please stop. I was gonna ignore this till it went away but it's a little too much. A sentimental video has people all wrapped up in huff. Kony is a coward who hasn't been operational in Uganda in 8 years. He deserves to be brought to justice but this was something we told the world 15 years ago, now some American shoots some fancy videos and VOILA, now you care? Invisible Children wants to take credit for something UGANDANS did. Kony didn't retreat into the mountains because an American with a camera came through. This a complex situation that no simplistic video and no amount of postering is gonna help. That video is a self-serving manipulative and condescending piece of work with an imperialistic tone that enrages me. People are dying in Syria as I write this. Where's the fuckin rage? Where's the international pressure?

5) A fellow blogger is doing a seriously cool project. She's collecting pictures of kids with autism and making a video about what autism looks like. Because as parents, we're pretty sick of "But he doesn't look autistic". Her answer, which I am TOTALLY ripping off, is "That's because he's not motherfucking Rain Man!" So, if you have kids with autism, or you have autism, send her some pics. She's truly awesome, so you don't need to worry (this is me vouching for Aunt Becky). But if you are, you could always send them from an anonymous account. No names are necessary, or even wanted.

6) I gave notice to our Autism service provider that we'd be going another direction with the boys. MAN that was hard, because I really liked the people we were working with. It just wasn't working for us. So as of April, we are on our own. If you're in Victoria and area and know someone interested in working for us, drop them my email address. For the Autism stuff, I'm using sonrisemama@yahoo.ca No experience necessary, just looking for someone who is happy, healthy, energetic, patient, and loves kids.

So, my Crackle has been quiet for enough time for me to write this, so I suspect he's in trouble, peed on the floor, or is happily doing a puzzle in his room. Hard to say. Love ya, Comrades.