19 April 2012

All good subject lines already taken

Saturday is the big day. I'm off to the Autism Treatment Center of America for the Start-Up course. I am so excited. And more than a little scared. I've never travelled on my own. And certainly not in big unknown airports and with rental cars and ... GAH! Scary. But kinda fun scary, like a roller coaster.

I'm going to take so many pictures. :)

Schedule so far is:
Saturday: Fly to Seattle by seaplane (how cool is that?!)
Sunday at the asscrack of dawn: Fly from Seatac to Albany, via Newark, NJ. Rent a car. Drive to the Option Institute in Massachusetts.
Monday - Friday: courses (which begin at 8:30am, which is 5:30am my time. God help me. I am NOT a morning person.)
Friday night: drive to Hartford.
Saturday: Fly from BDL to YYJ via Chicago O'Hare and Seattle. Arrive at Midnight.
Sunday: Collapse.

I'm somewhat worried about the food situation. Gluten is a bitch to control, and although they promise gluten-free options, I'm nervous. Especially since I don't eat meat. And by "don't" I mean, "don't dare unless I feel like getting punched in the stomach repeatedly and can't find anyone to hit me". So I'm going to stop and buy some fruit, some almonds and some Lara bars. I can survive on that for a few days anyway. Maybe I'll lose some weight. Win win!

So, there's still time to chip in (see the widget on the right) if you haven't already. And if you have, thank you again. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate it. And if this program works, and I go back for more information, I'll be hitting you up again. :) UPDATE:  I lowered the amount to raise to reflect the money that came in by cash and cheque.

In kid news, Snap has a girlfriend and I love her. Crackle is doing well off ABA, giving me more eyecontact for sure. And Pop is too adorable to explain. An example? He comes into my room in the morning when I wake up (he's up with Tony well before I am) and says, "Mowneen Mummy! How you thmowneen?" He snuggles on my lap and says, "Mo Mak an Ruby! Pweeeeeeeeeeze Mommy?"

And in Tony news, he survived this round of cuts in the civil service. Thank God.

And as something I just had to laugh at: Snap told me that the senior class at her school went to Mexico for their class trip. And one kid got caught at the border smuggling pot. Out of Mexico. Into BC. Um... the stupidity. It burns.