17 April 2012

Irony, defined

Oh man. I cannot stop giggling at the ridiculous irony of a journalist telling civil servants to stand up to Harper. Sure, dude. You first. And can they also take some advice from the Catholic Church on how to be good to children? And how about some advice from a creationist on the scientific method?

Harper has systematically punished anyone who dares to stand up to him and his government. One top level civil servant after another has been fired or muzzled for daring to talk to the press. What the hell do you expect? Yeah, they're all just going to quit, right? Because the economy is doing so well, they'll find work in the private sector, for sure.

Have you not seen the list of bureaucrats who have stood up to him and been silenced? No, probably not, because the media is only interested in them for about half an hour. The same media who accepted the "Only 2 questions" rule during an election. The same media who gives them pass after pass on the tough questions. The same media whose best-asskissing members were appointed to senate.

And this is who is telling civil servants to stand up to the Harper Government (tm)? PUHLEEZE.