10 April 2012

My line in the sand

Dear Prog Blogs. I'm out. I've been out since the beginning, I just have been too damn busy and stressed to say so.

It's like this: When you allow your members, supposedly progressive members, to not only debate the limits of women's rights to bodily autonomy, but to condone the government doing the same, I will not be part of it. I will not be affiliated with it. I will not put up with it. I'm out. Furthermore, calling it silly, screeching, and a trivial waste of your time? Fuck off.

You know, if banning abortion after 24 weeks only led to a ban on elective abortions after 24 weeks and nothing else (no other implications whatsoever), it would still be wrong, but I wouldn't be screaming quite so loudly. Because it would maybe affect 3 people. I'm with Morgentaler, there are some ethical concerns at that point. HOWEVER. The ethical concerns of legally defining that date are even more grave, and have a lot bigger fallout. Women must never have their bodily autonomy compromised. Our uteruses do not belong to the state. At any point.

At some point, I will explain in more detail, but the family needs me more than this blog does. Later.