10 January 2009

Patriarchy hurts men too

Interesting quote from sooey: "I don't know why Canadians are surprised that courts favour mothers in custody battles (if indeed they even do - where are the statistics on this, please?) - when all our official Judeo/Christian institutions still insist that girls were born to be mothers at home, while boys were born to be people at work."

While there are some other things she says that I don't necessarily agree with (or maybe would just phrase differently), I think she's dead on here. And the irony of it is fantastic. Girls are raised to be mothers, not just by our Judeo/Christian institutions, but by our society. Girls are given dolls to nurture, and kitchens to play Mommy in. Boys are often actively discouraged from playing with dolls. Our schools, our religions, our media, all push girls into the motherhood role. And then we wonder why women are given custody of the kids in the vast majority of cases? Really?

Here's the irony that amuses me to no end: The men who are complaining the loudest are the so-called MRAs (men's rights activists), and they blame feminists for virtually all their problems. But it's not feminism that's to blame for this. It's patriarchy. So these very angry men (whose side I can see, really), are furious with the feminists, when really they should be angry with the patriarchy. And they can't see why we're so mad about patriarchal institutions. If it weren't so sad, it'd be funny.


Renee said...

Of course patriarchy is to blame and they cannot admit that because men are never guilty of anything in the mind of an MRA.

Luna said...

I know. It's really sad and rather pathetic. I can't imagine what it's like to live in their minds.