07 January 2009

QOTD: On two tier healthcare in Canada

From The Observer, quoting the United Church of Canada moderator Rt. Rev. David Giuliano:

Private health care "seems to increase the likelihood that those at the bottom end of the care system will get sub-standard treatment."
It reminds Giuliano of the separated-but-equal schools for African-Americans in the United States. "I don't think anyone will tell you that those schools were funded in the same way Anglo-Saxon schools were," he says. "I can't imagine the Canadian health care system won't go the same route if we insist that people with their pockets full of money can buy their way out of the system that is intended to serve everybody....From a theological starting point, those who are wealthy have a special call to those who don't." He adds, "True, we no longer live in a culture where that's the basis of any argument, but as a church, we need to move out of that reality and lend our voice to the national conversation about health care"

The United Church Observer, January 2009, p.15

FANTASTIC! This is absolutely beautifully put. Honestly, what more can I say?