11 January 2009

Won't somebody please think of the (women and) children

I really hate the phrase "women and children", as in casualty counts, etc. I understand that the idea is to say that these are innocents and that men aren't. Um, bullshit. Children are innocents. Women tend to be their caretakers, and so yeah, it sucks to blow them up, but it also sucks to blow up the people (i.e. MEN) who bring home the money to buy groceries. And women are adults, just like men. We are just as able to be part of a war effort as men.

I know this sounds like, "Hey, blow us up too!", but that's not where I'm going with this. I just mean I am sick of being lumped in with children as a helpless entity. And furthermore, I am sick of the assumption that men can't be innocent victims too! I mean, damn it to hell, the men count. The casualty counts that only count the women and children totally make it sound the like the men deserve it somehow. Fuck that with a rusty spoon. Civilians are civilians. Killing a male civilian is just as bad as killing a female civilian. And killing a child is just plain evil.