24 June 2009

Booze on the bus

So Mr.FCS and I rarely disagree on political issues. Today we found ourselves arguing loudly about the Victoria Regional Transit Commission's decision to not allow alcohol (open or otherwise) on buses on Canada Day.

His take is that it's only for one day, and will save a number of people bringing booze downtown to the fireworks display. No big deal, and might prevent some drunken idiocy.

My take is that the drunks will get loaded before going, that the cops tried this shit last year, and were told it was illegal, that there is nothing illegal about transporting alcohol, and that giving up your rights for perceived safety is idiocy. Furthermore, the people who want to get shitfaced later, should be the ones on the bus!

Your thoughts?


Chrystal Ocean said...

I'm with you. Drivers of vehicles are permitted to transport unopened liquor or beer. So what's with denying users of public transportation, many of whom may not own their own vehicles, the same right? Once again, it's the privileged dictating to we lesser plebes.

Luna said...

Yes, I pointed that out to him. He reminded me that they searched vehicles going in and out of the area too, and probably will be doing that again. Difference is, there will be no alcohol allowed on buses going anywhere that day. Not just into the downtown area.