24 June 2009

Compassionate Conservatism... until a recession

Then we can fuck 'em good. They're just whores, right?

The van that patrols Vancouver's downtown east side is at risk of losing their funding. This van provides condoms, clean needles, coffee and juice, and an ear to bend for the people, primarily women, who are prostitutes in that area. These extremely vulnerable people live on the edges of society, and work in a very risky profession. They are beaten, raped and even killed in record numbers. Rapes and beatings are considered to be just par for the course. "Bad dates", i.e. rough johns, and johns who don't pay, are reported to the people in the van. Then other workers can look out for these guys. This is practically an essential service! It costs about $265,000 per year to run. Practically a drop in the bucket in the BC budget.

So what gives? Why are they cancelling this program? Would the upcoming Olympics have something to do with it? Can't have it look like the province condones this, can we? Such bullshit.

I hate Gordon Campbell. I fucking hate him and his ilk. Seriously, what kind of a fucking scumbag do you have to be to cut this service? And stupid too! Without the free clean hypodermics and condoms the AIDS rate will jump. Even if 3 people per year are prevented from contracting HIV, this service pays for itself. So it's clearly not money.

Too infuriating. I cannot believe the assholes in this province voted these fuckers in again.