09 June 2011

Harper's Hockey Game

Ya know, I'm pissed about Harper hopping a jet to go watch a hockey game. Right pissed. I mean, yeah, good, the guy should get some downtime. And I know he can't just hop on Air Canada. But you know what? The bad comes with the good. He gets the big bucks. He knows the rules of the job. So if he wants to jet off to watch a hockey game, by all means. But he should pay for every last cent of it. Not just the commercial equivalent. Hell no. Especially not when he's cutting jobs. Because that 70k that he spent on a hockey game is someone's salary for a year.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing how all the bigwigs feel they're "entitled" to a private jet to a hockey game, but no one is "entitled" to social services? Hypocritical much??