13 March 2009

Gratuitous picture post

As promised. A picture of the baby. This is the munchkin at 1 week old. Personally, I think he looks like a little old man. A damned cute one, mind you. :)
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deBeauxOs said...

Aaaww! What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

His eyes are amazing for 1 week!
What did you and sweetie call the wee bugger?

Luna said...

Toe: Not sharing my kids' names. I mean, I'd love to, but giving away too many clues about my identity mightn't be particularly good for me or my family. I've seen how ugly blog wars can get. Especially for women. :(

I'm really gonna need good nicknames for them. :) I was thinking Huey, Dewey and Louie. We'll see.

penlan said...

It's the wrinkled forehead that makes him look like a little old man. Adorable. Love those big eyes!!

How about Mr. Magoo?


Chet Scoville said...