08 March 2009

I'm back. And with baby!

I'm home from the hospital. Actually, I was home a few days ago, but well, let's just say new babies are more fun than blogging. And c-section pain is hard to handle when sitting up.

I hate hospitals. This is the biggest reason I came home on Thursday after a Tuesday c-section. I hate them with an almighty passion. I gotta say though, my nurses, by and large, were AWESOME. Especially considering the workload in there. It's insane!

My biggest beef: The ward is simply too small. There are not enough rooms for all the women. So they double you up with a roommate. But, should you have a roommate, your partner cannot stay for the night. Um, wtf? So, if my partner can't stay, how am I supposed to look after the baby when I can barely get out of bed on my own and I'm trying to recover from major surgery? Oh, well, you're supposed to call a nurse. They are so overworked as it is. My husband was doing everything for me, from fetching the cell phone, or a cup of juice to bringing me the baby and then putting him back in the bassinet. Plus, he was bringing me all my food because the hospital cannot accommodate my diet. And I'm supposed to just deal without him? Seriously? I think the fuck not. Of course, if I were willing to pay $190/night, I could have a private room (assuming one was available, which it wasn't). So if you're rich, you can have the support of your husband or partner. Otherwise, tfb. Fortunately, I didn't end up with a roommate either of the two (three if you include the night before the surgery) nights I was there. Thanks be!

This is the state of healthcare. Women having babies are denied the support of their partners because there isn't enough room for them.

I shall have to remember to talk about how our bodies are treated, and how hard that must be for some people. Me, I don't care much. Dignity? Hell, I lost that a long time ago. Though I gotta say, the nurse that pushed my hand out of the way of my breast so that she could grab it and stuff it into my baby's mouth? She nearly got my fist in her face.


D.M. said...

Your doing fine. Tell us more about the baby. The H's, yea it was the same actually in the mid-80's. Come a long way eh baby?

jj said...

Welcome back, Luna. And a bigbigbig congratulations!!!

fern hill said...

Congrats, Luna!

Chimera said...

Wow, looks like congrats are definitely in order! Way ta go, all a' yas!

WV: denham Er...I don't s'pose this is the name for the new little?