09 May 2009

Brilliance, copied. Ep 2

You know the age old question "why do women dress to show off their cleavage if they get annoyed when men look?" Well, I saw a brilliant answer to it today, and am reposting it (with permission).

Imagine this: you've just bought a new car (or truck - but I'm into cars a lot more than trucks). You like it; it's still got that showroom shine, it's one of the most badass cars in the world for some version of the world badass that makes you feel *really* good about this car.

You want people to look at it. And you want people to see it's *your* car. Not in a nasty, show-offish way, but in a proud owner sort of way. "Yes, I saw this and helped bring it out into the world."

And most of the time, you see people looking at it, and they'll give you a thumbs up or a look of appreciation, and you like it.

Then you see a guy with a slim jim under one arm, and a couple other tools looking at it like "hmm... what chop shop would want this? Or could I just get it a couple hundred miles away and sell it straight?"

You happen to be walking in his direction, and you hear him talking to someone about how there's going to be money "tonight if that dumbass sailor doesn't... oh, yeah, the *game* tonight," and the conversation changes topic as you get close.

And you start to realize it's a dangerous world, sometimes, to own a car like this. Suddenly, just because you have a nice car, you feel like a bit of a target, and it's no longer quite as much of a joy as it is a source of pain.

Oh, in time, you'll relax a bit, and feel a bit more happiness. But you might never feel the same kind of happiness you had before that asshole demonstrated to you that you're never quite safe if there's someone out there who wants what you have.

But in the meantime, every appreciative look, every thumbs up, every sign of people just loving that car reminds you that there's people out there who won't care how badly they hurt you, so long as they get what they want.

How absolutely perfect is that? That is a man who gets it