30 May 2009

Things that piss me off. Part 1 of Many

All right, I admit it, I occasionally eat at a food court. Not often, and only NYFries (because we have Celiac Disease and there is nothing else safe anywhere). So, the odd time, I buy the fries, and produce a bunch of unnecessary garbage. It makes me feel guilty, so I really should stop, but I have kids, and NOTHING is a better bribe reward than fast food fries. Not when said kids don't get to eat any other food I don't make. So we were at the Mayfair mall today, buying shoes for an upcoming wedding and we stopped in at the food court for some fries and a blueberry/blackberry Julius.

The food court was busy and pretty much full. What we found there was this picture. People leaving their litter on the table for the poor schmuck who makes 8 bucks an hour to pick up. For the love of chocolate, people, put your garbage in the garbage can! The overworked minimum wager doesn't need extra work. S/he has enough work keeping the floors clean and the tables wiped.

Luna says: Don't be an asshole. Put your shit in the garbage bins!