10 May 2009

Stimulating questions

In all the bailouts, in all the handouts to companies going broke, and stimulus packages/budgets something occurs to me. It's not the obvious "where are the bailouts to the people losing their homes?", but something else. Our priorities suck. Where was this money when people were asking for funding for the homeless? Where was this money when women's shelters had to shut down? Where was this money for legal aid (40% cut in BC since Campbell got in)? Where was this money when people were dying in the hallways at emergency wards? Where was this money then?

It just goes to show that government doesn't give a shit about people. They only care about money.


The Lady of the House said...

A Stimulating Answer?

How many people are in the employ of these large companies on the receiving end of the money? How many people would be out of a job if the government wasn't bailing their bosses out?

I'm not advocating the bailouts, and I'm not saying the social services aren't necessary, and I'm certainly not siding with the government, but I wonder if it wasn't the right decision under these circumstances...

Luna said...

Oh yeah. I should have made that a lot more clear. I'm not opposed to the bailouts, in and of themselves. I think we should nationalize some of the companies, mind you.

What pisses me off is that when it's big business, there's endless money. When it's people starving, addicted, living on the street, in pain, abused, well to hell with them.