13 May 2009

Well Frick

Frick. I knew Campbell would win. I knew STV would lose. I've never been more disappointed to be right. Grr. 4 more years of right-wing bullshit.

OH! That reminds me! I have a story. :)

A few years back, right after Campbell gutted the coverage for physiotherapy and chiropractic services, I was in Wal-Mart, hobbling around on my canes. I was quite disabled, and it was thought to be a chronic, incurable condition. I've since found a miracle that keeps it managed quite well, but that's irrelevant. At the time, I was in agony. I was taking percocet pretty much daily, and that sonofabitch just made it impossible for me to get the treatments I needed to keep my pain at all manageable. I was in one hell of a depression about that, lemme tell ya. I had a week long panic attack after that one was announced. I'm in no pain now, and I'm almost crying remembering what that announcement did to me.

So, I was hobbling around Wal-Mart, in absolute agony, and I saw the bastard. Gordon Fucking Campbell. It took me a few seconds, because my brain was completely addled by pain and drugs. But I stopped. Turned around, took a breath and got ready to blast the premier.

Guy looked right at me, sighed and said, "I'm not him". The poor fucking bastard was a dead ringer. I blinked and said, ever-so-cleverly, "What?" Dude said, with another sigh, "Never mind." And then he just walked away, shaking his head. Poor bastard.

(the label, it's in the time-honoured Boston Red Sox naming convention. Man, I love people with a flair for language!)


Thor said...

He's probably used to people giving him dirty looks all the time, so he's ready with the line.

Rob said...

Luna, take solace in the fact that it's not Alberta.

When I was in elementary school I saw an absolute Glen Clark lookalike. And no, I didn't say anything.

Too bad STV lost and the turnout needs a microscope to become visible.

Saskboy said...

Poor guy, too bad he's not living in another province. I mean Campbell -- then he wouldn't be wrecking B.C.