31 May 2009

RIP Dr Tiller

My heart is breaking for the family of Dr. Tiller right now. Here was a man who put the lives of women above the safety of himself. That is commendable. He did NOT just provide abortions to women who showed up 7 months pregnant and decided "yeah, I just didn't get around to it before". The women whom he helped were desperate; their babies had life-threatening illnesses, their pregnancies were a danger to their lives. He saved those women.

This was a Christian man. He was killed at church. (Seriously, does no one read Shakespeare anymore?) What kind of monster does one have to be to kill this man?

Right. A "pro-life" monster.

I don't give a flying fuck if you think he was killing babies, you don't kill him. If you think he was a mass murderer, you go through the proper channels. Vigilante justice is NEVER justified. I can understand it, of course. And I've engaged in it the odd time (I beat the crap out of someone who tried to rape my friend - wasn't right, but I did it). But murder? That's just proof those fuckers don't give a shit about life. They care about controlling women, and nothing more.