06 February 2011

Cheer for WHOM?!

Dear Super Sunday,

I'm writing to apologise for the utter lack of a fuck that I give about you. No, let me be truthful. I do give a little bit of a fuck. But only insofar as it annoys the fuck out of me to hear about Ben Rapistberger... I mean Roethlisberger. So, I'd cheer for the Packers, I would. But Jones (Brad), Matthews, Sitton, Jones (Khalil), Hall, Underwood, and Flynn were also rather credibly accused of sexual assault. Yes, Super Sunday, I know, they were all cleared. I don't care. Especially about Rapistberger. I thoroughly believe that woman. She underwent a rape kit. Her complaint was neat and tidy until the bit about the rape. Really, Super Sunday, I believe her.

So no, I will not be cheering for anyone. I will not be enjoying any of it. It will be on in my living room as my darling Mr. FCS enjoys the game, even if he makes snarky comments about various players.

Sadly, Super Sunday, being Canadian, I can't even watch the stupid commercials and mock them mercilessly, as our Canadian feed puts our ads in place of theirs.

So I think I'll sit here, knit a bit, crochet a bit, and apologise to you. Because this year, I just can't get in the least bit excited. If I were not trying to be a decent person, I'd cheer for injuries.

h/t DJ Holla


Kev said...

Here! Here! I've been a die hard Steelers fan for close to 40 yrs,however I couldn't stomach the thought of that maggot gaining even an ounce of redemption.

Having read her complaint and the witness statements, I am left with but one conclusion and that is he raped that young girl.

As I watched the game I kept thinking of her and what she must be going through at the moment. These past two weeks must have been akin to being raped over and aver again.

Luna said...

Kev: That's very compassionate and empathetic of you. Most men I've met can't seem to get in the head of a rape victim like that.

I cannot imagine the pain she's been going through. Cannot fathom. I think I'd have left the country for a LONG vacation if I could.

I do have to pick a small nit though. She's a woman. A young woman. Not a young girl.