16 February 2011

Is HuffPo to blame for its own craptasticity? Answer: Yes.

HuffPo has gone too far. It's all over Twitter that there's a poll up on HuffPo that actually asks if Lara Logan was to blame for her own sexual assault. I shit you not. It's there. It was a hoax. But the poll was still there. Just not on HuffPo

Let me make this as clear as possible: Rape is NEVER the victim's fault. Rape is ALWAYS the rapist's fault. No exceptions. Period.

p.s Craptasticity is a perfectly cromulent word.


Jymn said...

I believe you picked up this story from Michaela. The HuffPost tweet was apparently a hoax and not an actual Huffington Post tweet.

Ignorance said...

There's an article on BBC News about the dangers for female reporters:

Luna said...

Thanks Jymn! I don't know Michaela, but it was all over my twitter feed.

Thanks Ignorance. Will check it out.